2019-2020 Board Meetings

Board Meetings + ROE Meetings

2019 – 2020 KW (8:00am) and ROE (9:30am)

Monmouth ROE Breakfast Retreat: August ______ 8am ish?

Galesburg: August 20th (present TN FY20 Budget)

Monmouth:            September 17th (TN Gov Board on Sept 18th to approve FY20 Budget)

Galesburg: October 15th

Monmouth:            November 19th

Galesburg: December 17th  + Christmas Luncheon (?)

Monmouth:            January 21st

Galesburg: February 18th

Monmouth:            March 17th

Galesburg: April 21st

Monmouth:            May 19th

Galesburg: June 16th (amend 2020 budget) + Governing Board Mtg

(July as needed)

Present FY21 budget

***** Galesburg Location is the Bondi Building Conference Room****

**** Monmouth Location is the Monmouth ROE*****

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